Papers in the main technical program must describe high-quality, original research. Topics of interest include the following aspects, but not limited to:

Power Engineering and Management

Power System Security and Risk Analysis
Power System Computational Analysis
Power Quality, Protection and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Power System Economics and Markets
Power System Operations
Power System Planning and Implementation
Power Asset and Risk Management
Power Engineering Education

Power System and Automation

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Electrical Machines and Drives
High Voltage Engineering and Technology
Power System Analysis
Smart Grid and Utility Applications
Power System Planning, Operation and Control
Power System Dynamics and Control
Power System Reliability

Electric Machinery and Power Electronics

Electric Machinery I (Induction Motor)
Electric Machinery II (PM Machine and Special Machine)
Power Electronics
Advanced Technology for Electrical Transportation
Motor Drive and Control

Electrophysics and Electronic Materials

Electric Material and Semiconductor
High Power, High Voltage and Discharge
Optical and EM Wave
Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
New Electronic Devices and Systems

Electrical Facilities

Electric Construction Technology
Electric Safety Technology
Distribution Facilities Operation and Maintenance
Electric Railway System
LVDC Facilities Technology
Electrical Facilities Convergence Technology

System Control and Information Management

Control Theory and Technology
Sensors and Systems
Robotics and Automation
Signal Processing
Information Technology

PSET 2024

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