The University of Tokyo

ADD: 7-chōme-3-1 Hongō, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-8654, Japan

The University of Tokyo was established in 1877 as the first national university in Japan. As a leading research university, UTokyo offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts research across the full spectrum of academic activity. The University aims to provide its students with a rich and varied academic environment that ensures opportunities for both intellectual development and the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

Tokyo should be considered the same tourist destination as lively international cities like Paris, London, and New York. Tokyo is the financial, political, and commercial heart of Japan. While the pace of the city can be overwhelming, we will show the tranquil, traditional side of this great city too. The city was historically referred to as Edo. In 2003, it celebrated its 400th birthday.
Tokyo has an incredible variety of museums, galleries, shrines, and temples to keep you preoccupied for many days. In the city of Tokyo, there is a broad spectrum of places to visit, from the Imperial Palace, home of the Emperor and past shogunates, to the legendary Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, the new landmark of Tokyo.
And within Tokyo, like many other capital cities of Asian countries with a long history, there are historic neighborhoods, revealing glimpses of vanishing traditional Japanese culture.

VISA to Japan

How to do with the VISA?

  • Please look at the list of the countries that have the visa exemption agreement with Japan. If your country is included in the list, you usually do not need to apply for an entry visa to Japan.
  • If your country is not included in the list, you need to obtain a short-term stay visa (“tanki-shouyou visa” in Japanese) from the embassy of Japan in your country. Read carefully the Japanese visa guide provided by the ministry of foreign affairs.For entry into Japan, a VISA may be required for attendees from some countries.
  • Please make sure whether you need to apply for a VISA or not on the web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan at:

  • Invitation Letter

    Important information regarding invitation letters (please read):
  • The invitation letter will be issued after the successful registration.
  • Your name must be listed exactly as it appears on your passport. Any differences between the name on your passport and the name on your invitation letter or other documentation could lead to a delay and/or denial of your visa.
  • Please note PSET Conferences and the organizing committee of the conference are not authorized to assist with the VISA process beyond providing the Notification of Invitation
  • Letter issued by PSET Conferences and conference Committee Board. Should your application be denied, PSET Conferences and the organizing committee of the conference cannot change the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will PSET Conferences and the organizing committee of the conference engage in discussion or correspondence with the MOFA or the Embassy on behalf of the applicant. The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual being denied.
  • It takes time for the Embassy to process the VISA application, please register as early as you can to make sure you have enough time.

  • Notice: Please be alert if someone ask you to provide credit card information. The organizing committee or conference secretary will not ask for that in any form for room reservation or tickets.